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Football-Sr. Blues

Fall 2013 2013
2013 x Fall 2013
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Lisa Buchanan over 10 years ago

Once again Glenn Freeman thanks for the great pics. To all the PK players, coaches and trainers-congrats on this decisive win. One game at a time.....Looking forward to Saturday, November 16!

from a dedicated fan!

Lisa Buchanan over 10 years ago

The Edmonton Journal Nov 5, 2013 an excerpt of an interview with Kavis Reed, shortly after he was fired as coach of the Edmonton Eskimos- "You just don't roll the football out and play. It's the things you do every single day, it's the things you do outside the building and inside the building that's going to allow you to win football games."

Lisa Buchanan over 10 years ago

I love watching The PK Blues-they are an awesome team of young men coached by some incredible "older" men! :)
Healing wishes to those now on the sidelines - Josh Freeman, Hamzah Najmeddin and Carter Buchanan.

Thanks to Karina Guy for the development of this site and to Glen Freeman and Karina for all the great pics.

Thanks to Miss H and the cheer team for their indomitable spirit.

Thanks to Sam Najmeddin for bringing his BBQ and to the parents who have donated the "dogs".

Keep the pressure on Blues and take it all the way.

from a very supportive fan :)